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Fall shipments are in with a range of winter blooming Camellia, hybrid dwarf Blueberry, dwarf Hydrangea and a super special dwarf, thornless Blackberry and Raspberry (!) It's time for that "best-time-to-plant" Fall landscape installation. We've also got a lot of great value overstock patio pavers and flagstone on hand. So let's talk, because NOW is the time to invest in your home. It will pay off in spades. We will help increase the value of your home by beautifying your garden, planting edibles, increasing street appeal or making a relaxing outdoor room! As landscape architects, professional horticulturists and talented craftsmen with a passion for plants, we can turn your landscape space into an investment that will last. Let's get your project started soon! You can meet a designer asap - and start dates are available within a few weeks to get your project going - and your place in shape for before the holidays!