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Consultation Inquiries

"Ease of communication allowed us…to propose changes/improvements and proceed quickly. We thoroughly enjoyed the efficiency and care that went into the process and are excited with the results. We have received many compliments from the homeowners in our community."

- Picnic Point Homeowners Association

Help. I need somebody. Not just anybody.

We offer two types of on site meetings: Design meetings and Garden Coaching Consultations. Design meetings are for when you have a project that needs a proposal or for folks that want to invest in a landscape design. Garden coaching is different. In some cases, you might not need an estimate for an overall landscape project, but only a quick consultation. You may be a homeowner that wants to landscape their own yard, but needs a little guidance. Maybe you only need to know the kind of plants that you have on your property. What kind of rhody is that? How do I prune that big ugly thing? When do I fertilize? What should I put over there to screen Mabel’s shower window? For a moderate charge, one of our horticultural professionals can come and spend an hour with you at your home. Your consultation will include a comprehensive follow-up email that lists the plants and items discussed and appropriate measures for correction and care, a gift certificate to the nursery and sometimes a plan sketch. Whether you need do-it-yourself design help for different areas in your yard, suggestions on renovation, identification of existing trees & shrubs or pruning-how-to's, our professional horticultural staff can help. Feel free to call or email our office for details and to set-up an appointment.

As always, if you have an outdoor construction project or would like to discuss landscape plans or have an estimate for project installation services, contact our office and ask for an appointment at your home with one of our design staff for a Landscape Design meeting.