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March Garden Tips

Bare Root plants are a great way to kick off the gardening year and we have a wide selection to choose from? Come in soon to select your next fruit, shade and flowering trees, shrubs, berries, asparagus and more. Bare root plants are lightweight, easy to transport and plant. Also cost a lot less than a potted plant.
Annuals and Perennials: Don't forget to fill a basket with early spring color. English Daisy, Forget-me-nots, Primrose, Pansies and violas, make great companion plants for all of your emerging spring blooming bulbs.
Seeds: Sow seeds of hardy perennials and cool season veggies directly into the ground. Start warm season veggies indoors. We carry Irish Eyes Seeds.
Perennials:March is a good time to start preparing and cleaning your perennial beds. Dig, divide and replant clumps of summer and fall blooming perennials, but wait to divide spring bloomers until fall.
Pests in the Landscape: Continue the vigil to hunt for slugs around new transplants, and any plant that sends up shoots early. For control try Sluggo.
Pull weeds now so they won't go to seed later and get out of control. But remember the first Dandelion flowers offer food for our bees, so you may want to tolerate a few to help the local bee population get an early start.

March Garden Tips

Make your thumb even greener. Follow some Classic Tips.

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