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Our Team

"We are very impressed with not only the quality of Classic Nursery work but with the sincere and friendly way all the people we've dealt with have treated our questions, needs and concerns!"

- MD Woodinville
Meet the creative team.

Rodrigo Frias,
General Manager

Rodrigo grew up in Monterrey, Mexico in a family supported by a small business and he experienced firsthand the impact that it had in the community and with people. He became fascinated with how businesses and organizations can have a dramatic impact on people’s lives. After a 12 year-long corporate career, Rodrigo decided to leverage his experience in marketing, finance and strategy and transitioned back to his roots as a small business entrepreneur. In 2021, Rodrigo acquired Classic Nursery & Landscape Company and in 2022 he did the same with NW Bloom Ecological Services. As the General Manager of Classic Nursery & Landscape and NW Bloom Ecological Services, Rodrigo is working persistently in making his community healthier and better connected to nature. At an early age, Rodrigo was exposed to nature and animals by his veterinarian father. Rodrigo grew up surrounded by a variety of pets such as dogs, sheep and peacocks. His favorite pet was a golden Labrador named Goldie.
Rodrigo has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and a MBA from Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family or skiing.
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Alan Burke,
pretending to be in charge.

Before he started juggling this big bag o' cats at Classic, Alan had a background as a practicing landscape architect in Los Angeles and Seattle. The Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine, The Los Angeles Times Magazine, Northwest Home+Garden and American Home magazine have all featured his design work. Invited to prepare a plan by editors at Sunset Magazine, his design for a residential garden design was displayed on the back cover of the first edition of The Sunset Western Landscaping Book. He developed the presentation "Eyes on Earth from Space" as a keynote address to a past national ASLA convention. A graduate of the University of South Florida and University of Florida (Go Gators!), he is a contributor to the books Residential Landscape Design and Landscape Design: A Practical Approach. Ed Hume has profiled Alan on his show Gardening in America. As a pioneer in digital imaging, Alan has been profiled by Evening newsmagazine and his work has been presented on City TV in Toronto, a CBS television special and on The ABC Home Show. Alan has written for landscape industry publications and lectured at universities and trade organizations throughout the country and he has been designing and building outdoor environments all over the Puget Sound for almost 30 years.

Alan managed a number of landscape architects and design/build firms before joining Classic in 1994. With his wife Julie, a former project manager for Starbucks, the Burke's purchased Classic Nursery & Landscape Company soon after. Classic's outdoor projects have earned numerous Grand Awards and Awards of Distinction from the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals. As host to hundreds of schoolchildren viewing salmon runs at their former Bear Creek facility annually, Classic was presented with a King County Green Globe award for efforts in habitat restoration and wildlife education. Classic is typically installing up to a dozen projects concurrently on any given day as well as caring for a number of properties. The garden center, now expanded to 10 acres in Woodinville's winery district - provides a colorful shopping environment and a natural alternative for homeowners seeking eco-based advice regarding horticultural and landscape construction problems.

Public installations include a number of exhibits created for the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. Classic's first exhibit, "The Millennium Railway", was the recipient of gold, silver and bronze medals, including a Peoples Choice award and ASLA award. Classic later created "Mirabilia", a medieval garden at the show entry on the Skywalk over Pike Street. A following Garden Show display marked the bicentennial of the expedition of the Corps of Discovery. Titled "Portage to the Pacific". This garden exhibited a mix of ancient Columbia River tribal artifacts and memorabilia from Lewis & Clark's journey - in a garden filled with native plants taken from Lewis' journals. Built by the Classic team in three days, this design received the Founder's Cup as "Best of Show" from a team of international judges. Classic's last garden at NWFGS was the Gold medal award-winning garden "La Palabra Pintada", built in collaboration with New York Times bestselling author/artist Nick Bantock (Griffin & Sabine, The Artful Dodger).

Alan lives with his wife Julie and three children in Seattle.
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Don. Plant mastermind.

If you could do a Vulcan mind-meld on a horticulturalist, Don would be the one to merge with. Having managed Classic for over 30 years, he is the man that knows the plants. Flowers nod in his direction like one of those Disney movies when he walks by. Chances are that he will take another designer's planting ideas, strike about a third of the selections, suggest better botanicals - improve the flower, fruiting and foliage...and save you money in the process. That's how good he is. Don is a long ago graduate of the legendary horticultural program at Lake Washington Technical College under Don Marshall . He knows the 'who' of just about everybody that grows anything regionally, what they are offering, when it will be at it's best and how to get it at the best price.

His entire HAND is green. Let's just put it that way.
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Mapper by day,
mixology by night.

Mandie is the only landscape designer that can specify an "Arnold's promise" and mix an Arnold Palmer - at the same time. When she's not playing dangerous lawn games, you'll find our designer Mandie outside your kitchen window, mapping your property and listing which plants to save, which to prune - and which to throw out like a badly mixed Manhattan. She's a busy girl - drafting and designing daily - and in her "spare" time (Ha!), she's mixing Mojitos at Ivar's, where she's worked behind the bar for over 20 years. A northwest original and UW alumnus, she blends skill and craft, and is a graduate of a Edmonds CC Landscape Design Program. With a Graphic Design degree as well and over twenty years crafting cocktails and decades of beading, wire-bending and designing with stone and precious gems, she also makes beautifully crafted and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Check out her Etsy store! See her stuff on FB here:
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Puts the culture in Permaculture.

Dominique's passion for landscape design spans a range of interests, from planting design to paving, and from ponds to permaculture. A mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding graduate of the Landscape Architectural program at UW, Dominique was born in Honolulu and grew up on Waikiki beach. There you would find her racing thru her neighborhood on a skateboard. A resident in the PNW for over 20 years now, she enjoys tabletop games and tinkering with wood, metal & fabrics. Detail oriented and as reliable as a sunrise, her passion for landscapes was sparked at a young age, as she studied marine life, watersheds and wetland systems on field trips from primary school and beyond.
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Maybe be a member of a motorcycle-gardening gang.

Growing up In Moclips, on the coast of Washington, our hardworking office manager Amanda has been working in the Horticulture Industry for over 37 years. She's "doing her best to live a self-sustainable life" by growing and canning her own vegetables. Don't tell her, but she didn't really have to interview to be hired, she could have just dropped her homemade blueberry pie in front of us for the thumbs up. If she's not working in her garden or talking about yours with you on the phone, she might be out on the road riding her Harley Davidson.
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Scott, plant and skin care moisturizer dude.

Scott's the kind of guy that can make sure all of your plants are watered - and your face is moisturized as well. Born in Vermont and raised in rural Pennsylvania, Scott comes our way from Southern California, where they really NEED the water. Scott reveres the diversity of America’s natural landscapes and a formal training in writing, literature, and publishing naturally led him to…horticulture - and we are all the better for it. While working at a nursery, attending college hort classes and volunteering for a botanic garden, Scott turned his passion into a profession. He and his wife also started a natural and organic skin care line that is now based in Edmonds. ( ) Scott's responsibilities at Classic include managing our irrigation and lighting design efforts, where he brings his expertise in Hunter, Rainbird, Rachio, Sollos and FX Luminaire products to your home. Beyond that, we really start to just plain overwork the man, as he also oversees the shop and tool inventory, the vehicle fleet maintenance scheduling and all the general production worker handholding and referee work that is required. Should we get him a whistle? Scott likes to say he’s “humbled every day” by nature, and it inspires his own quest for self-improvement and optimum health. In his free time he is a father to a vivacious one year old girl (like he doesn't already have enough to do!) and an avid photographer.
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