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Classic Nursery

Case Studies

Need some ideas? After 25 years of designing and building a wide variety of outdoor projects, it's hard to encapsulate them all in one place. Classic 'Case Studies' discuss individual projects that we have completed over the years and we have pictures sorted by type for you to review as well.


A few years ago, we were approached by a model train enthusiast who wanted to create an outdoor train set. We wanted to create it in such a way that a close-up picture from any angle would look like a real scene. Trees and shrubs would be in scale, and small details would add to the realism.

We searched high and low, finally going to Oregon for some wonderful little upright Japanese maples with leaves the size of your thumbnail, as well as a variety of other plants to fit our little train layout.

This project surprised us all by beating out some much larger projects to win a WALP Grand award later that year.