(Print this out and put your designer on the hot seat.)

1. If we want to revise our plan after our meeting, will you update it at no charge?
2. Will your plan be scaled and blueprinted? If appropriate, will the plan encompass my entire property?Do you bring extra copies to our meeting?
3. Can I see my plants at the nursery before we start?
4. Will the plan be accompanied by an estimate for the work? Can you guarantee pricing?
5. Can you also give me phases or unit prices?
6. Can you prepare plans for work I will complete myself?
7. Do you bring plant books, catalogs and product samples for me to our presentation?
8. Are you affiliated with a Nursery where we can see the plants before the installation?
9. Can I get estimates from other landscape companies using the supplied plan?
10. Are you able to estimate and build other construction, i.e. decks, patios, spas and fencing?
11. Are you familiar with availability, sizes, varieties and unit prices for plants locally?
12. Are you familiar with unit prices for construction finishes such as brick, flagstone, etc?
13. Can I reach you easily? Can I contact you by cell phone, webpage, fax and email?
14. Can you supply references?
15. Do you have a licensed landscape architect on staff? Are you a member of ASLA,WALP, APLD and the Master Builders Association?
16. Do you have a portfolio? Has your work been published or received awards?
17. Are you recommended by respected suppliers, such as Marenakos Rock Center, Mutual Materials and Molbaks?
18. Can I come in to your office and meet with your design staff?
19. Are you using organic and all-natural products and are you a 5 star King County Envirostar Company?
20. Do you guarantee all that you do including all of the new plant materials?


Want to know our answers to all these questions?

Our answer is of course – YES!!