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"I would highly recommend Classic Nursery. I am very glad that I went to the Nursery to pick out my plants."

- W.L.
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La Palabra Pintada

Classic's 2006 NW Flower & Garden show display, "La Palabra Pintada" (The painted word) was a collaboration with New York Times best selling author/artist Nick Bantock (Griffin & Sabine, The Artful Dodger) and inspired by his book, The Windflower (Chronicle, Fall 2006). The latest Classic effort blended unusual flora and old world imagery. (Click to see Like past Classic gardens, "The Millennium Railway", "Mirabilia" and "Portage to the Pacific", La Palabra Pintada was built in the Classic handcrafted style from stone, water and elements of the fantastic. Here, the mythologies of Nick Bantock mix with the architecture of The Alhambra, Moroccan and Asian motifs and lessons in the origins of natural dyes and spices. For the 2006 theme, we created a mythical old-world courtyard in flagstone and tile with a formal fountain. An Alhambra-inspired faux "ruin" features colorful backdrop paintings and special garden-art prints by Nick Bantock and hundred year old Turkish pots. If you went to the show, you'll never forget the three very large centuries-old Spanish amphoras, the palm trees and an unbelievably beautiful, two ton piece of marbleized jade. Found elements included exquisite and ancient stone carvings from Asian and India and a beautifully delicate stone Ganesha corner brace from 300 years ago.

The special palette selection of tropicallissimo plants was carefully chosen and provided from Monrovia in high contrast colors and textures. Show attendees were fascinated by the large red bananas, sago palms, bird of paradise, flax, variegated ginger, hardy gardenias and citrus in bloom. We offered show-goers a limited edition Nick Bantock color postcard of a bird of paradise motif. We procured and arranged three unique vignettes to display the origins of dyes and color found in nature. Cochineal, saffron and indigo were arranged in their natural form with fabrics imbued with these natural colors. These areas were accented with marvelous elements, including a 400-year-old Indian Rani keystone, World War 1 era "charm shirt" from Mali and a magical protective amulet vest inscribed with ancient text from the Koran. The research for this garden drew upon these many themes and visual styles, taking almost two years of research to produce. As always, our gardens vary greatly from each biennial Garden Show display effort, as we learn new techniques and find materials from once unfamiliar sources. We hope to carry these inspirations forward into our daily creative work. A particular inspiration is the idea of "duende", a creativity borne in the soul and from the earth. This concept, originally popularized in the writings of Federico Garcia Lorca, became a catchphrase for this garden, winner of the Gold medal at the 2006 Northwest Flower & Garden Show.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the many helpful and generous suppliers and consultants, including Monrovia plants, Mutual Materials, Tom Jahns, Carolyn Pinkard, Trixie Auburn, Earthues, Peter Norris Home & Garden, AW Pottery, Rhodes Architectural Stone, Chronicle Books and the busy horticultural worker bees from Lake Washington Technical College.

Services Provided:

  • Accent Rocks

    We do a lot of work in rock, from small boulders to river cobble, flagstone, and large boulders. Set by our experienced crews by hand or with a large trackhoe, rocks typically installed are local basalt and granite.

    With many other styles, shapes, colors and textures to choose from, we'll make it easy for you to sort through the types and sizes of rock available.

  • Flagstone

    You can choose from a wide variety of flat stone paving or flagstone.

    We most often use Montana slate, but also work frequently with flat granite, Wilkinson stone, tumbled slate, and a host of other types.

    Usually set in a crushed rock base covered with compacted sand, the stone can also be mortared, custom cut, and fit against other styles of paving for a more eccentric look.

  • Garden Structures

    A myriad of garden structures can be created for you, from gazebos and storage structures to sport courts, arbors, and fences with gates. We can also show you portfolios and manufacturer catalogs of a range of other outdoor structures and accents when you visit our Redmond sample library.

  • Lighting

    We do lighting a certain way, and we stick with it. Lights can be problematic if not installed well or from cheap kits. We use a high-quality copper pathlight with a higher wattage bulb than many outdoor low-voltage kit lights.

    There is a range of styles to choose from, and there are quite a few ways to light specific areas. Best of all, we also perform a night consultation to set your lights, so you can really study the effects and make changes.

    Finally, we install an FM frequency transmitter clock (it looks like a plug-in travel alarm clock) to allow you to adjust the lights from inside your home. That's right, no more fiddling with the transformer outside in the rain!

    Oh, and the bulbs are guaranteed for a year.

  • Patios

    We do a lot of patios. Keep in mind that you may need a slightly bigger space than you think to set a four-person table where you can still move your chair back without stepping onto the adjacent lawn or bed area.

    First you determine the shape and then you choose the materials. We'll give you a catalog showing stone selections as well as other types of paving to help you choose. You can also visit our sample library in Redmond for more information.

    Add pots and a few Adirondack chairs and...well, suffice it to say that we have to look at the size carefully.

  • Walkways

    Creating a pathway through a native area or simply from the garage to the rear patio enables you to fully access your property.

    It can also create a distinctive and low-maintenance transition between beds and lawn areas.

    Constructed of crushed rock, flagstone, pavers, concrete or wood, pathways are one of the most common installations for our experienced crews.

  • Water Features & fountains

    A waterfall, stream or recirculating pond can be an attractive and calming amenity for any home. The pleasant sound of splashing water and the beauty of colorful fish can create a wonderful sense of serenity in even a small backyard.

    At Classic, we know that a successful waterfall or pond should look like a natural element in the landscape. You may also want to have a landscape architectural plan drawn up for the area to allow for such things as expanded patios, walkways or other design elements.

    The Classic pond utilizes a debris skimmer, much like a swimming pool, which is easy to access and clean. We can provide overflow assemblies, pump timers, self-filling valves, pond lighting, and a wide range of aquatic plants and different types of flagstone, rock, and paving materials.

  • Miscellaneous

    We can also coordinate the construction of all types of outdoor amenities, from pools to sport courts and spas.

    Working with us to design this type of construction offers some distinct advantages for you as a client. We design the feature to fit within a budget framework and solicit competitive bids on your behalf as part of your landscape architectural design package.

    Most importantly, these features fit within the overall site design, integrating with planting and other construction. We show you how to stage this effort to minimize site damage and perform the construction efficiently.

  • Garden art

  • Garden pots

  • Carpentry

  • Theatrical Gardens