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Tips for December

Nursery Hours:

Friday-Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm

The Nursery will be closed for the winter from December 19th - January 19th
Nursery will reopen January 20th and be open Friday-Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm

General Tips

With most, if not all the leaves finally off the trees, it's time to clean out gutters and treat the roof for moss. Consider a natural Moss Killer from Saint Gabriel Organics. Perennials, Annuals and Vegetables.

Dreaming ahead to next year's vegetable garden? Classic Nursery is proud to carry Irish Eyes organic vegetable and herb seeds to our offerings next year!(arriving mid-January) Well-known for their quality seeds, this Washington company will be a welcome addition to our variety of locally sourced merchandise.

If you are looking for something special, we would be happy to customize our order to include our subscribers’ favorites. For bulbs in the ground, keep an eye on them -- if any start to rise to the surface of the soil in the fluctuating temperatures, just gently push them back into place and mulch. Empty the soil out of containers that held annuals so that the wet soil doesn’t freeze and potentially crack your pots. Alternately, you can put the pots in an unheated basement or garage that stays above freezing.

Lawn Care: Clean off any leaves that remain on your lawn. Use the leaves to mulch
your garden beds or bag them up and insulate any pots left outside. Keep an eye on creeping buttercup and other spreading weeds. Edging the boundary between lawn and garden now will save twice the effort
next year.

Trees, Shrubs and Fruit: December is a month when most of us turn our attention toward indooractivities. Other than hanging Christmas lights on our houses, we spend most of our time indoors, hustling around to prepare for holiday celebrations. The garden can be a great help in those preparations. A few branches of Cedar or Pine lend their softness and wintery scent to a cozy living room. Add a few sprigs of holly and rosehips and you've got a colorful decoration, made even better when it comes from your own yard. Take cuttings from plants that can afford to be pruned a bit, being sure to step back and observe the plant between cuttings to avoid creating bald spots.

If you are getting a living Christmas tree this year, remember not to keep it inside for more than a week! Our warm and dry houses are nice for humans and our animals, but not so nice for trees. Wait any longer and you risk the tree breaking its dormancy, which may ultimately cause it to die. While they’re in the house, water them with ice cubes, keeping the root ball cool and moist. Also, it's a good idea to decide where you are going to plant it and prepare the hole ahead of time in case the weather turns nasty.

Special Winter notes

In the event of heavy snowfall this Winter season it would be a good idea to gently tap off the extra snow on tree branches, especially if they are starting to droop pretty close to the ground. A little bit of snow actually insulates trees and shrubs (think igloo) from harsh artic winds that we can sometimes get during the Winter. If you have a hedge of Arborvitae you will have to make sure that the heavy snow and ice do not splay the trees, so keep these shaken regularly to keep their proper shape.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Classic Nursery and Landscape Company!