Creating an Entertainment Space in Harmony with Environment

This Redmond family wanted a yard that would not only be a perfect place for entertainment, but also a serene place to connect with nature. With vast open spaces, it was clear that their yard could benefit from some guidance from one of our Landscape Designers. A carefully thought out landscape plan that incorporates natural habitats for birds and insects, native plants, ceramic pots, and a fire pit area was created to transform their vision into reality.

The family enjoys watching birds and wanted to create a space that was inviting to them and create harmony in the environment. This is why their love for birds was reflected in the landscape design created for their yard. The design is created in such a way that the garden has different features which will attract birds. It includes features such as bird baths, food plants and bubbling water features.

The family’s desire to create an outdoor space where they could connect and relax with friends and family could not be complete without a fire pit. To create this, the landscape designer added a gas fire pit to the project for more formal gatherings. To enhance the space, they also added a boulder firepit area, which serves as an informal space where guests can sit and chat while enjoying the warmth of the fire. This created an intimate and relaxed space for the family to spend time together.

Native plants play a critical role in creating a habitat for wildlife in the environment. A plant palette of native plants was selected that is also aesthetically pleasing to the design. The native plants not only promote the growth of vital wildlife, but they also create a beautiful look in the yard.

The landscape designer added large ceramic pots filled with evergreen perennials to create fullness year-round in the landscape. The pots are versatile and add an element of customization to the yard. With the freedom to change the flowers as desired, the family can create an engaging look in their outdoor space without starting from scratch every time.

Designing a landscape to create a harmony with the environment can be rewarding. This recently completed project by Classic Nursery & Landscape is proof of that. By incorporating features like natural habitats for birds and insects, a gas fire pit, native plants, ceramic pots, and a landscape design that looks stunning all year round, they have created an outdoor space that is perfect for entertainment and connecting with nature. By creating harmony with the environment, we can build a habitat for wildlife and enjoy the peace that comes with it.

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