Country gardens have long captivated the imagination of city dwellers, presenting a lush and romantic ideal of rural serenity. With advancements in transportation making it feasible to split time between urban and rural living, the dream of owning a breathtaking country garden has become an attainable reality for many. At our landscape design firm in Seattle, we’re inspired by the rich history and evolution of country gardens, merging tradition with innovative design to create spaces that are both timeless and contemporary.

The Birth and Evolution of Country Garden Style

The 18th century marked a pivotal shift with the Landscape Movement, which embraced the natural over the classical, birthing the idyll of the country garden. This vision was further refined during the Edwardian period by Arts and Crafts designers, leading to the opulent, verdant gardens we know today. Typically expansive, these gardens are designed as a series of interconnected spaces, each offering unique delights—from swimming pools and tennis courts to woodlands and orchards that beckon wildlife and provide serene landscapes.

The challenge and art of designing these gardens lie in their scale. The most impactful designs begin with a formal structure near the home, gradually giving way to more informal, natural arrangements as the garden extends into the landscape. This transition from manicured precision to natural wildness captures the essence of country garden charm, offering endless exploration and discovery.

Key Design Elements of Country Gardens

Our approach to country garden design in Seattle is informed by several key elements that define this style:

  • Luxuriant Planting: Our designs are rich with diverse plantings, creating a tapestry of textures and colors that change with the seasons.
  • Large Pools and Streams: Water features are central to our country gardens, adding movement and reflection that enhance the tranquil atmosphere.
  • Sweeping Lawns: Expansive lawns serve as a lush backdrop to the garden, providing space for relaxation and play.
  • Hedging and Screens: We utilize hedging and strategic screening to create ‘rooms’ within the garden, offering privacy and intrigue.
  • Views into the Landscape: Our designs optimize and frame stunning vistas, connecting the garden with the broader landscape.
  • Natural Materials: We prioritize the use of natural materials like stone and wood, ensuring that the garden feels grounded and authentic.

Inspired by History, Designed for Today

Our design philosophy is deeply influenced by pioneering designers like William Robinson, Gertrude Jekyll, and later, Thomas Church. Like them, we aim to blend exotics with natives, harnessing the beauty of naturalistic planting while sculpting spaces that invite engagement with the landscape. Our designs are not just gardens; they are experiences, journeys through space and time, reflecting the personal stories and visions of our clients.

In a world that moves at breakneck speed, a country garden offers a sanctuary of peace and beauty. It’s a place where nature’s bounty is celebrated, where history and innovation meet, and every element is carefully considered to create a harmonious whole.

Whether you’re drawn to the classic elegance of traditional country gardens or inspired by the clean lines of modern design, our team is passionate about bringing your vision to life. We invite you to explore the possibilities with us, creating a garden that’s not only a reflection of the past but a space that’s uniquely yours, to enjoy for generations to come.

Discover the timeless charm of country gardens with us – where history, nature, and innovation flourish side by side.

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