Hello Gardening Enthusiasts! The month of July is here, delivering the pure delight of warm, sunny days and the vibrant beauty of our gardens in full bloom. With the spring planting tasks behind us, now is the time to bask in the fruitfulness of our gardening labors. This month’s tips will focus on watering, managing soil moisture and relishing the pleasures of midsummer.

The summer season shifts the energies of our plants from leaf production to an explosion of flowers, fruits, and seeds. Don’t forget to take a moment to admire your gorgeous flowerbeds. Gather some fresh blooms for your home decor and clip fresh mint for a refreshing iced tea. Berries and green beans may be ready for your dining table. Remember, every time you enjoy the bounty of nature, you taste the sweet reward of your gardening efforts.

One significant challenge July brings to the garden is heat. Monitoring your garden and managing soil moisture should take precedence over all other tasks. High-pressure days can quickly sap soil moisture reserves. Newly added seasonal containers and plantings are particularly vulnerable to heat stress, requiring the keenest attention.

Adopt a water-wise approach to irrigation. Overwatering can lead to soft, lush growth which requires more water to avoid wilting and can encourage pests. The key is to provide just the right amount of water to keep your plants healthy without promoting excessive growth. Pay the most attention to new plantings, seasonal containers, and food gardens. Water well-established plants and lawns less often, applying water slowly so it soaks in deep.

Don’t forget to take regular strolls around your garden, checking soil moisture levels and the condition of your plants. Gardening is not just about chores and duties, it’s about appreciation and enjoyment. Try to slow down and enjoy the vibrant colors, the captivating fragrances, and the humming life of your garden in this bright season.

Remember, July is all about the beauty and bounty of your garden. So, sit back, relish the fruits of your labor and enjoy the many wonders this wonderful month has to offer.

Happy Gardening!

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