As we approach the longest day of the year around June 21, our gardens are enjoying their prime time; soaking up energy, flowering, and starting the journey towards fruit and seed production. Growth may be slightly moderated compared to the robust spring, but it’s still an essential period of vital development.

Picture every green leaf as a mini factory, engaged in the process of photosynthesis. These little powerhouses harness sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water, synthesizing them into carbohydrates while releasing oxygen. The result? Sugars and other compounds that nourish your plants, supporting growth, and storing energy for the next cycle of growth. Don’t fret about those occasional summer cloudy days, as even then there’s enough light for photosynthesis to continue.

An important change in summer is the likelihood of fewer soaking rains. It’s time to act the observant gardener, keeping a watchful eye on your soil’s moisture levels. Ensure your new plantings have sufficient water to support their early summer growth. Remember, a string of overcast days may hint at the possibility of showers, but don’t be deceived. Rain may not arrive, or a brief shower may barely dampen the soil’s surface, leaving your plant roots thirsty.

Take advantage of these sunny days to leisurely stroll through your garden. This is a great time to see the fruits of your spring planting efforts. Bring along a bucket and some hand tools, and make your walk around the garden a productive one. Pull those weeds about to flower, check your soil’s moisture, prune an overhanging branch, check on the ties of your staked plants, and gather cuttings for a lovely arrangement.

We recommend adopting a more frequent but smaller-scale gardening approach. This will allow you to spot and handle issues before they turn into larger problems. Even just 15 minutes a day can make a significant impact – and it’s a great way to relax and appreciate the beauty of your garden amid the seasonal growth and change.

So here’s to June, a month full of sunshine, growth, and the joy of gardening.

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